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A Victim of my Symptom

Where the value of your mind is not held in contempt

One of those melodramatic fools
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I'm ArtemisPanthar, commonly known as Artie, Arte, AP, Artemis, You, or That Furry Guy/Girl. I personally like Artie/Arte though :) I'm a moody amateur cartoonist, wannabe writer, and pseudo-intellectual (though I'm pretty dumb). I'm reasonably friendly but really really shy. My journal is Friend's Only, but I'll add pretty much anyone. Not that I write about anything y'all want to read about anyway.

I believe there is value in all things and I see media (movies, TV, books, comics, art, fanfics, etc...) as a good way of absorbing knowledge. I enjoy seeing how other people see the world and I think movies and other media are an excellent way to experience that. As crabby and opinionated as I can be, I really do like almost everything to an extent.

You can find my art journal here: wallscratches
You can find my writing/character journal here: unhearablewords
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Due to my love of media, I've found a little home of myself on Listal! Come join me:

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