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A Victim of my Symptom
Where the value of your mind is not held in contempt
Inane Ramblings 
15th-Feb-2013 06:50 pm - Ferns Only
Expecto Patronum!

This journal is for friends-only

Add me and I'll likely add you back because I'm pretty cool with folks I just don't like my bidness hanging out all in the open so I lock it up. It's mostly just bitching and moaning about life with some fangirlism thrown in.

If you're just interested in my art (god love ya) you ought to just watch my sketchblog: wallscratches

Have fun or whatever.

This journal has anonymous comments disabled due to LJ's current spammer issue. Sorry.
23rd-Aug-2006 10:30 pm - Commissions!
Expecto Patronum!
(The DeviantART journal with this same information: http://artemispanthar.deviantart.com/journal/9830071/ )

Hello kids! I'm in a bit of a predicament =( I desperately need money in order to get into school this semester. My whole future depends on it so as you can understand, I've been quite stressed. My job alone can't cover it and I need whatever little amount I can come up with to help. So any help you can give would be marvelous. What? I'm not asking for hand outs. I'm talking about commissions!

That's right, I now offer commissions! Buy one today and help an Artie out! =D

General Information
Send me an email (at artemispanthar@hotmail.com) or DeviantART (at http://artemispanthar.deviantart.com/) note with "Commissions" written in the subject line. From there we'll discuss what you want and how much you owe.
If you like make the process a bit quicker, please note me with the following information:
Character: (Name, species, etc. Anything that would help)
Reference Images OR a detailed description of the character: (Detailed descriptions should include all details about the character - markings, species, colors - so I can draw it correctly)
What: (Background, scene, pose, etcetc. The more specific you are, the more likely you'll get exactly what you want)

(For comics only)
'Plot': (What do you want to happen in it? You can be as specific as a panel-by-panel description of the whole thing or you can be vague and just give me the characters and the general idea. It's entirely up to you)

In anycase, we'll exchange notes for a while so I can be fully informed on what you want.

$10 - One full color, full background digital picture with the characters and content of your choice
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL - Every image comes with a cartoony version of one of your characters (it does not have to be the same one in the full picture), absolutely free! That's, like, two pictures for the price of one!:

Full color picture examplesCollapse )
(and pretty much my whole gallery)

CartoonyCollapse )
$5 - Stand-alone Cartoony picture

$10 - One full color digital comic up to five pages
$1 - for each extra page

Examples (fairly old)Collapse )

That's it =D If that's too rich for your blood, note me and we'll discuss alternatives. I'm sure we could work something out

Whatever's easiest for you, we can do. Check, cash, PayPal. Personally, I prefer Paypal since it's a bit easier. With the other two, you'd have to wait for me to recieve it before getting your picture, which can take ages.

I require at least half of the payment before I give you the image. I prefer all of it upfront but I can understand if that'd be uncomfortable for you. You will recieve a watermarked preview if you only pay half and you will get the real version after I recieve the full payment.

My paypal email is: artemispanthar@hotmail.com

Other Information

What will you draw?
ANYTHING. I'll draw whatever you desire. I got the will if you got the way, kids! Just commission it, and I'll draw it =D

How long will it take?
Well, that really depends on how complicated of a drawing you want and whether or not people have requested commissions before you. I can say, however, your picture will be done as soon as possible. I can't promise anything, but I anticipate getting an image done within a week if there aren't people ahead of you.
If you need the picture by a certain date, be sure to mention it and I will be sure to finish it by that time (assuming it is reasonable)

What if I want something changed?
I can easily alter images if they're not to your liking. I'll try and keep you up to date with what the image will look like while I'm working on it to insure that it's what you desire.

How many commissions will you take?
As many as you people want. I'll keep a list up here on DA in the order I've recieved them. There is no limit to the number of commissions I'll take or the number of pictures one person orders.

What if I don't have my own character?
No problem! You can request anything you desire, even if you don't have your own character! You can commission me to draw one up for you, you can commission for a certain animal anthro or not, you can commission random humans. Whatever you want! :3 You don't need a character to commission!

Note: Because I need commissions, I shall not be taking any more art trades. Sorry =(
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